Jennifer Black & Associates provides clients with both company specific and industry research in the form of verbal communication and written material. Subscribing clients have access to Ms. Black, her research and her opinions. Ms. Black provides her subscribing clients with written research, in addition to phone calls following sales and earning releases. Ms. Black will arrange company meetings and conference calls for her clients in addition to any other companies, not under coverage, per the client's request.

Periodically, Jennifer Black & Associates will provide its clients a written compilation of the information obtained while conducting store checks, both company specific and general industry.  These reports are designed to add value and aid investors in making investment decisions. Her diligence, research and advice will remain among the purest in the industry, and Ms. Black shall always maintain those standards.

Companies Under Coverage*

*When conducting channel checks, most of the soft-line
specialty retailers are monitored in addition to those
fully covered.